Chrysanthi Panagiotidou

Chrysanthi Panagiotidou, BSc.

Chrysanthi Panagiotidou is a Philosophy and Pedagogy graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specialized in Pedagogy (2007) with post-graduate studies in Psychopedagogy of inclusion and multiculturalism (2014). Currently, she is continuing her studies in the Department of Psychology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her professional experience extends in a range of scientific fields, but mainly she has been working as a language educator in various institutions. She has worked with the Roma community in temporary settlements, where she provided psycho-social empowerment to women (minors or adults), design and implementation of curriculum, teaching of Greek as a second/foreign language, organizing cultural and inclusive activities (ARSIS- Association for the Social Support of Youth). She has also worked as an educator of Greek as second/foreign language for adult immigrant groups, using task-based methodology (University of Thessaly), and for children and teenagers from disadvantaged, low-income families and families of migrant origin in day care center (SOS Children’s Villages). Recently, she has been working with refugees in camps as an educator of Greek as foreign language and also provided design and implementation of inclusive activities for adult groups (SOS Children’s Villages) and groups of children/teenagers (ARSIS- Association for the Social Support of Youth).
Currently she is working as an educator for the Project ”Provision of Refugee Education and Support Scheme” (P.R.E.S.S.) of the Hellenic Open University in adult refugee language education. She has been also a work group member of “Polydromo”: group for bilingualism and multiculturalism in education and society and, a volunteer in the Deaf club “Sport Cultural Association of the Deaf of Macedonia” for almost ten years.