Kamila Wichrowska

Kamila Wichrowska, Phd.

Kamila Wichrowska, Phd is a lecturer at the Faculty of Education UW. She worked as an assistant in the Polish part of the ELLiE Project – a transnational, longitudinal study of the introduction of foreign language learning in public primary schools. Afterwards in the years 2014-2016 she was involved in the international project Curriculum and Quality Analysis and Impact Review of European Early Childhood Education and Care (CARE).Currently she is an academic teacher of a several courses (in English and Polish language) at the Faculty of Education at Warsaw University. Her interests are focused on an early education and care – crèches, preschools, lower primary school and Teaching English to Young Learners.

WORK PACKAGES: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

University of Warsaw Faculty of Education


Kapuścińska, A., Wichrowska, K. (2015). Rozwijanie kompetencji kluczowych w przedszkolu a dobry start szkolny. in: Kompetencje kluczowe dzieci i młodzieży, praktyka edukacyjna. Żak.