Maria Filomena Gaspar

Maria Filomena Gaspar, PhD.

Maria Filomena Ribeiro da Fonseca Gaspar is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. She was trained as Psychologist (1986) and she has a master (1991) and a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology (March 1999: PhD in Educational Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University of Coimbra/University of Oxford, UK).

Experience in national and international funded research projects in the promotion of mental wealth and reduction of social inequalities with evidence based interventions in early years with schools and families. Coordinator (IR) of the research project funded by FCT and entitled “Prevention / early intervention behavioral disorders : effectiveness of parental and school programs ” (2010-2013 ); member of the research team of the project “Incredible Years for the Promotion of mental Health”, Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Coimbra, funded by the Programme for Public Health Initiatives (EEA Grants – PT06), which aims to help reduce economic and social inequalities in certain priority health areas and establish bilateral relations between donor and beneficiary countries (ends December 2016). Consultant since May 2013 of the RAND EUROPE COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY for providing research and consulting services under the project “European Platform For Investing in Children”. Large experience in the supervision of master and doctoral dissertations in Portugal and abroad.


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