EARLI SIG 5 Conference 2018

Event Details

ISOTIS researchers will participate in the 2018 conference of the Special Interest Group on “Learning and Development in Early Childhood” (SIG 5) of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instructions (EARLI). The theme of the conference is "ECEC 2.0: Future Challenges for Early Childhood Education and Care". Researchers are invited to discuss effects of recent societal, educational and technological changes on early childhood education and care. These include: increasing emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); education in general and the use of technology in particular; increasing recognition of the importance of social-emotional and motivational competency aspects for children’s educational pathways.

ISOTIS researchers will address the following themes:

Tackling educational inequalities through promising and evidence-based interventions around Europe
Chair: Paul Leseman
Discussant: Marcus Hasselhorn
Organisers: Joana Cadima and Paul Leseman

An inventory of curriculum, pedagogy, and social climate interventions in 8 European countries
by Cecília Aguiar

Educational partnerships in ECEC in a context of cultural diversity
Organiser: Martine Broekhuizen
Presentations included:
- Determinants of family-preschool partnerships; the case of mothers with a Turkish and Mahgrebian immigrant background in Europe
by Martine Broekhuizen, Ryanne Francot, and Paul Leseman
- Roma mothers’ resources, experiences, and aspirations: An exploratory study in the Czech Republic, Greece, and Portugal
by Petrogiannis, Cecília Aguilar, and Jana Obrovská
- Playgroups for Inclusion: Experimental Impacts on the development, temperament and behavior of children from different ethnic groups
by Clara Barata, Catarina Leitão, Bruno de Sousa, Joana Alexandre, and Vanessa Russo
- Promoting early multilingualism in childhood and childcare in Flanders
by Orhan Agirdag

The use and evaluation of family support services in disadvantaged groups across Europe
by Martine Broekhuizen, Katharina Ereky-Stevens, Thomas Moser, and Helga Norheim

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