Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the DOCS section?

To DOWNLOAD a file, click on its name.

To UPLOAD a file:
1. Click on “Add files”; Select the file.
2. Click on “File up”.
3. Refresh page (press F5) to see the uploaded file.

To create a NEW FOLDER:
1. Click on “+ new” (column on the left).
2. Write the name of the folder (use only letters and numbers; punctuation marks and symbols will not appear).
3. Click on “Save”.

To MOVE FILES between folders:
1. Go to “Bulk Action Mode” (at the bottom) and click on “Disabled” (it will change to “Enabled”).
2. Click on the rows with the files you wish to select (do not click on the file name, since it will open again). You can select more than one file.
3. Click on “Select action” and on “Move”.
4. Choose your “Destination directory”.
5. Click on “File away”.

Files can be moved, but not folders. To see a folder in a new location, create a new folder in the new location and delete the old folder.

In step 3, the actions “Copy”, “Delete” or “Download” can also be selected. This procedure allows you to copy, delete or download several files at the same time.


How to use the FORUM?

You can create a new topic for discussion or reply to an existing topic (click on the title).

If you check the option “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” (at the bottom), you will receive notifications via the email noreply@isotis.org (to ensure that these messages are not filtered as spam, you can add this email address to your email contact list).


How to use the AGENDA?

To SEE MORE DETAILS about an event, click on its name.

To REGISTER a new event, please contact us via isotis.uc@gmail.com and indicate:
– The name of the event;
– The starting and ending date (day, month and year).
– Other relevant information, if applicable (e.g. start and end time; type of event, aim, participants, location, external link to read more about the event).

To EDIT an event, please contact us via isotis.uc@gmail.com and indicate the information you wish to edit.


How to know the USERNAME (registered email)?

To know which one of your emails is registered as username, check the message from isotis.uc@gmail.com, with the subject “Your ISOTIS extranet account”.


How to set a NEW PASSWORD without needing to know the previous one?

1. Click here. Enter your email address registered as username.
2. Check your email for the confirmation link and click on it (in case you do not receive it, search for a message from noreply@isotis.org and/or check your SPAM box).
3. You can delete the password that appears as suggestion and type you own password. Click on “reset password”.
4. Login in here (do not login in the page were the password was reset, with the title s2Member).


How to ensure privacy?

When leaving the ISOTIS extranet, please, go to the LOGIN section and click on “Log out” (this is especially relevant when using shared computers).

When you are not logged in, the content in the DOCS, FORUM and AGENDA sections is not displayed. Only the content in the FAQ section remains visible.

Any questions or suggestions?

Please, contact us via isotis.uc@gmail.com