Olga Wysłowska: The ISOTIS proposals to address the development of professionals and organizations

ISOTIS researcher Olga Wysłowska, from the University of Warsaw, Poland, present the proposals of ISOTIS aimed to address the development of professionals and organizations.

ISOTIS researcher Małgorzata Karwowska-Struczyk addresses this topic in Polish language.
Check the video here.

Martine Broekhuizen: Interviewing parents on children’s education and upbringing

ISOTIS researcher Martine Broekhuizen, from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, presents the goals of the ISOTIS interview study on families’ experiences related to children’s education and upbringing (experiences with educational systems and support services, hopes and wishes for their children, resources and support needs).

Pauline Slot: Professional development in linguistically and culturally diverse contexts

ISOTIS researcher Pauline Slot, from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, focuses on the challenges facing professional development in multilingual, diverse cultural backgrounds, and on the innovations proposed by ISOTIS regarding this matter.

Giulia Pastori: How is ISOTIS giving children a voice?

ISOTIS researcher Giulia Pastori, from the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy, highlights the importance of giving children a voice, and tells us about how their views can be addressed.

Edward Melhuish: Educational experiences of children from multilingual and diverse cultural contexts

ISOTIS researcher Edward Melhuish, from the University of Oxford, England, tell us about the challenges that children from multilingual and diverse cultural backgrounds may face currently in Europe, and about the proposals of the project to address these challenges.

Karel Pančocha & Jana Obrovská: The work with diverse cultural backgrounds

ISOTIS researchers Karel Pančocha and Jana Obrovská, from Masaryk University, Czech Republic, discuss the proposed work with diverse cultural backgrounds, particularly Czech Roma families, in the scope of the project.

Paul Leseman (ISOTIS coordinator): What is the mission and approach of ISOTIS?

ISOTIS coordinator Paul Leseman, from Utrecht University, Netherlands, presents the mission of this project and the approach used.