2017-02-28 /

Inter-agency coordination of services for children and families – Initial literature review

ISOTIS state of the art on Europe’s inter-agency coordination for the well-being of children

This literature review summarizes the conceptual background regarding inter-agency working with and for culturally and linguistically diverse children and families, which may involve services in fields such as education, health, social work, and welfare, among others. The review focuses on the research that has been carried out since 2000 and with an emphasis on European studies. The starting point recognizes that disadvantaged families living in poverty, especially those living in deprived neighborhoods where risks tend to accumulate, have diverse needs for support. These needs are addressed by different models of service coordination and integration throughout Europe, but there isn’t an available systematic overview of their experiences, or evidence on the effectiveness of these services.

This initial review aimed to identify facilitating factors and challenges at the interpersonal and structural-organizational level that are relevant to successful coordination, collaboration and integration of multiple services for young children and families. It also aimed to identify models of working and domains for the development of a common framework, and to summarize the potential impact of inter-agency working upon children, families and communities.