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Pablo is Spanish and lives in London. Everyday when he exits school, he greets his mum in Spanish and says goodbye to his classmates in English. Pablo is bilingual.

Pablo’s mother and his teacher are afraid that Pablo won’t be able to learn two languages at the same time.

Not so long ago, it was believed that bilingualism slowed down children’s development. It has now scientifically been proven that bilingual children can discriminate between their two languages.

Pablo has lots of superpowers! He can easily switch from Spanish to English depending on who he is talking to.

Not only is he able to communicate in two languages, but he is also mentally flexible and good at focussing his attention without being distracted by irrelevant information.

Just like Pablo, Mohamed, Xuexue and all other bilingual children have these superpowers, regardless of which two languages they speak!

Their brains are programmed to be bilingual, just as the brain of any other human being.

Bilingualism is not a recent phenomenon, it is actually an ancient one.

Over half of the world population speak at least two languages. 7000 languages are spoken worldwide. This means an average of 36 languages per country.

Multilingualism is the norm, it isn’t an exception!

Growing up bilingual is a long-term investment! Children like Pablo, Mohamed and Xuexue will experience superpowers and beneficial effects throughout their whole life!