Paul Leseman (ISOTIS coordinator): What is the mission and approach of ISOTIS?


ISOTIS is a collaborative project funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 program, which includes 17 partners and 11 countries. The project started in January 2017, and will continue until December 2019.

ISOTIS aims to contribute to effective policy and practice development at different system levels in order to effectively combat early arising and persisting educational inequalities. ISOTIS addresses actions at the levels of parent and family support, curriculum and pedagogy development, professional development, inter-sectoral services coordination, and education policy.

This project builds on the strengths and potential of culturally and linguistically diverse families and communities, by giving them a voice in how to adapt early education systems and support services. Creating an inclusive society with an inclusive and effective education, and support system seems a most promising strategy to tackle inequalities. Join us!

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3 days ago
Digital Storytelling was addressed as a transformative and collective (didactic) process that can support inclusive education by ISOTIS researchers Caterina Falcone and Giulia Pastori (conference organized by the Associazione Italiana di Sociologia):
https://t.co/jQLOxAJbZr https://t.co/WPc9LTNOxH
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6 days ago
ISOTIS researchers from the University of Oxford presented a poster on our project at the Department of Education Research Poster Conference, held in the same university, on October 9th. See the presented poster here: https://t.co/YlPgP9GRuT https://t.co/Gx0g61dVyz ISOTIS_Project photo
1 week ago
How to recognize good practice in the work with children and families with social disadvantages? ISOTIS researchers from the Masaryk University addressed this topic at the ČAPV XXV annual conference, Czech Republic.

Read the abstract (in Czech, p. 87): https://t.co/hW0LWa7jUl https://t.co/KrK6ew3Kwk
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2 weeks ago
The Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) is now a partner institution of ISOTIS! The team from this institution will be involved in the parent interview studies and in the work on professional development. Welcome! Read more about this partner institution: https://t.co/F6Ru6bbENg
2 weeks ago
The first annual ISOTIS meeting was held in the Free University of Berlin, on December 3rd-6th. Our team discussed the work that had been developed and future steps. Find out more about the meeting here: https://t.co/EL93amdly7 https://t.co/94HbkkcrAp ISOTIS_Project photo