2 days ago
Ensuring family outreach and making it a priority is one of the central recommendations of the ISOTIS inventory of proven or potentially effective approaches to family and parenting support in tackling social inequalities.
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https://t.co/tZpNK55LWq https://t.co/79F8sxnobf
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5 days ago
How to promote diverse children's feeling of belonging to the group in the preschool?
ISOTIS researcher Pauline Slot tell us about recommendations that can contribute to ensure that all children feel seen and heard, and that they belong to the group. https://t.co/OVarwfI4EZ https://t.co/piiq5SN9AB
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1 week ago
Schools with high immigrant and refugee populations need targeted resources to support struggling learners #EducationOnTheMove https://t.co/Ufam98Lnn2