5 days ago
"Inter-Agency Working in Europe and the Uk to Support Vulnerable Young Children and Families" is the theme of a new article by ISOTIS researchers Jacqueline Barnes and Edward Melhuish (University of Oxford). @profjacquelineb Find the full article here: https://t.co/XzrWEqKvdE https://t.co/QEcCIKFQuY ISOTIS_Project photo
5 days ago
Integration between services an ongoing theme. Remember Every Child Matters? Remember Sure Start Local Programmes? @profjacquelineb @ISOTIS_Project https://t.co/jXmYCiC8pA
1 week ago
In Europe, different approaches are used to support families and to promote the quality of their home learning environment. In a new article - https://t.co/5LRFEjpnuZ -, ISOTIS researchers Joana Cadima and Gil Nata discuss family support services in Portugal. https://t.co/kaeIA4aShr ISOTIS_Project photo