1 hour ago
New ISOTIS REPORT on interviews with parents
Parents with a Romani, Turkish, North-African, and native low-income background were asked about their experiences with educational and support services, and experiences of integration and inclusiveness. https://t.co/nhZfUBNAcr
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6 days ago
Meet the new educational blog https://t.co/j8T622ui0s
It aims to help early childhood education professionals innovate their pedagogical practices and promote the inclusion of all children. ISOTIS researchers from Utrecht University, ISCTE-IUL, & University of Warsaw participate. https://t.co/tFv9DeGvW1
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1 week ago
Children's ability to control their behavior and emotions, often referred as self-regulation, is relevant for later success throughout school and life. ISOTIS researcher Edward Melhuish tells us about how to promote young children's self regulation. Video: https://t.co/pLg4fo7uU8 https://t.co/F4yCClOqaV ISOTIS_Project photo