Olga Wysłowska: The ISOTIS proposals to address the development of professionals and organizations


ISOTIS is a collaborative project funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 program, which includes 17 partners and 11 countries. The project started in January 2017, and will continue until December 2019.

ISOTIS aims to contribute to effective policy and practice development at different system levels in order to effectively combat early arising and persisting educational inequalities. ISOTIS addresses actions at the levels of parent and family support, curriculum and pedagogy development, professional development, inter-sectoral services coordination, and education policy.

This project builds on the strengths and potential of culturally and linguistically diverse families and communities, by giving them a voice in how to adapt early education systems and support services. Creating an inclusive society with an inclusive and effective education, and support system seems a most promising strategy to tackle inequalities. Join us!

Download ISOTIS Flyer (PDF)