2 days ago
“When you invest in good quality early #education, you see improved outcomes for children" - highlighted ISOTIS researcher Edward Melhuish in a meeting with Sri Lanka government representatives on early #childhood policies. Read more: https://t.co/5cXQr8tMK7 https://t.co/cvOcesdkJY ISOTIS_Project photo
5 days ago
ISOTIS NEWSLETTER released: https://t.co/NupplGL72C . Discover about our findings from interviews aimed at parents. These indicate that diverse families seem to live in two realities: one is the everyday life, and the other is the public media discourse. https://t.co/DJ2msQ03rx ISOTIS_Project photo
1 week ago
Our website https://t.co/rAm2ctMJ1a has now pages in more languages (top row): Arabic/ العربية, Czech/Čeština, Dutch/Nederlands, French/Français, German/Deutsch, Greek/ελληνικά, Italian/Italiano, Norwegian/Norsk, Polish/Polski, Portuguese/Português, Turkish/Türkçe. Please share! https://t.co/rK9bARKfq4 ISOTIS_Project photo