3 days ago
Despite #students with a #migrant background report higher motivation to achieve academically, they have lower rates of attaining baseline academic proficiency than their native peers, in the majority of the #EuropeanUnion Member States. Read more here: https://t.co/VQwZ5JO14U https://t.co/CeD5mbS2D4 ISOTIS_Project photo
3 days ago
“I want to prove that Roma & Traveller can be successful”. For our interview series 'Empowered Roma' we spoke with the Global Leader for Young Children Lisa Smith. Her project changed the way Traveller parents thought about #earlyyears education @ACERT_UK https://t.co/Ds82BVjhtZ https://t.co/bJyqpGjfPB ISOTIS_Project photo
6 days ago
"Home-(pre)school relations in culturally diverse Europe" was the theme addressed by ISOTIS coordinator Paul Leseman (Utrecht University) at the Cultural Diversity, Migration, and Education Conference, in Potsdam, Germany. >> https://t.co/gRWroCbCpz https://t.co/aKzeCWduyB ISOTIS_Project photo