1 day ago
Martine Broekhuizen will present findings from the interviews aimed at parents on their children education, conducted by our team, in the international Early Years Stakeholders conference organized by the Bureau Kwaliteit Kindervang, on November 12-13th. https://t.co/HPtcXxKeiW https://t.co/EPgmt9uo72 ISOTIS_Project photo
6 days ago
Our team met to discuss the development of the ISOTIS Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). https://t.co/nAzKvQvj3H . The aim is to develop a tool that can be used by children, parents, teachers and other professionals to support multilingualism and promote inclusiveness. https://t.co/vqtfkbhfbX ISOTIS_Project photo
1 week ago
How #digital #technology is used by young #children today? This topic is addressed in the European Commission publication "Young Children (0-8) and digital technology - A qualitative study across Europe". https://t.co/8j6MRHyxjj https://t.co/9jImtS0l18 ISOTIS_Project photo