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Our website https://t.co/rAm2ctMJ1a has now pages in more languages (top row): Arabic/ العربية, Czech/Čeština, Dutch/Nederlands, French/Français, German/Deutsch, Greek/ελληνικά, Italian/Italiano, Norwegian/Norsk, Polish/Polski, Portuguese/Português, Turkish/Türkçe. Please share! https://t.co/rK9bARKfq4 ISOTIS_Project photo
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How educational achievements relate to socioeconomic and migration background? Learn from ISOTIS researcher Jesper Rözer (University of Amsterdam) how children’s test-score differences relate to patterns of inequality in different European countries. >> https://t.co/4UfeYoo3le https://t.co/pNpM1ECiEt ISOTIS_Project photo
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What is the #EU doing for Romani #children ? Find that out in our latest REYN Update. REYN brings to you news and resources on #EarlyChildhoodEducation & Care for #Romani & #Traveller children. You don't receive the REYN Update? Subscribe on the same page!
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