1 day ago
NEW ISOTIS REPORT - https://t.co/CShrrP4Urm
The results of our staff survey highlighted that more positive beliefs towards #multiculturalism and #multilingualism go hand in hand with more culturally sensitive practices and better parent-professional relationships. https://t.co/mLLSzKU67I
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1 week ago
ISOTIS partner @ISSA_ECD is holding its Annual Conference with the theme "Nurturing Environments". Today, ISOTIS coordinator Paul Leseman delivered the keynote "Value-based regulation of early childhood education and care for equity and inclusiveness".
>> https://t.co/Z9jjt61TQm https://t.co/EzaBvzQfDP
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2 weeks ago
"Children's right to participate in early childhood education settings: A systematic review" is the title of a new article by ISOTIS researcher Cecília Aguiar (ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa) and colleagues.
Read more: https://t.co/UsgCGqIv6Y https://t.co/l4bRXzl97X
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