Paul Leseman (Isotis Coordinator) What is the mission and approach of Isotis ?

1 day ago
A última Newsletter do ISOTIS está agora disponível em português! https://t.co/nmQ4Bod2zA. Conheça as atividades e publicações desenvolvidas pela nossa equipa. Votos de uma boa leitura! https://t.co/1h2n79VSbe ISOTIS_Project photo
4 days ago
Join us at the European Sociological Association midterm conference!
We will be presenting findings from the interviews aimed at parents on their experiences related to children’s #education and #upbringing. Read more: https://t.co/C5zbpedR6g https://t.co/9qjPzlwwg5
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6 days ago
Study by our colleague Yvonne Anders: the quality of the home learning environment predicted development in grammatical skills of 4 years old children; the quality of the preschool process showed impacts on grammatical skills and receptive vocabulary.
https://t.co/K38qwvCukX https://t.co/rWx3qBPlvk
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