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Public attitudes can affect migrants’ and refugees’ sense of belonging. Research in the UK showed that recognition by native peers motivated refugee and asylum-seeking adolescents to study harder #EducationOnTheMove https://t.co/QrIrtV1PoD
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The Inclusive Early Childhood Education Environment Self-Reflection Tool is presented by ISOTIS researcher Cecília Aguiar (ISCTE-IUL) here:
https://t.co/Tik1T8q0Ck https://t.co/CzFGkvtVfT
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Equality & Inclusion Conference

The abstracts of the parallel keynotes on Friday the 29th of November are now online:
- Sanne Akkerman: https://t.co/S93YkT1vjg
- Piet van Avermaet: https://t.co/x2D3jxUICl
- Yvonne Anders: https://t.co/AVu6UHRGDF

Join us! https://t.co/HUWTckvliK
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