Eric Bertrand

Eric Bertrand, Phd.

Dr. Eric Bertrand is a senior lecturer in education. His research interests include learning in professional settings, adult training, training development and qualitative research methodologies. Since 2001, he has developed his work basing on Mezirow’s theory of transformative learning together with the Habermassian concept of inter-understanding. He’s currently working on communicational pedagogy using a specific method termed “inter-comprehensive interview”. Currently Bertrand is participating to two action researches. The first one (2016-2019, funded by PEP45) focuses on the transformation of social practices in the domain of care pathway support on the territory of Loiret (France). The second research focusses organisational transformations, competences and practices transformations induced by Garantie Jeunes, a system for the social and professional integration of young people.


Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, and Science and Technique of Physical and Sports Activities
Université Paris-Est Créteil


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Bertrand E. (2014). « Le dialogisme expérientiel : d’une conformation à une coformation critique » [Experiential dialogism: from a conformation to a critical coformation]. In (Coord.) E. Bertrand, N. Denoyel, M. Parlier Formation expérientielle et intelligence en action, (Construire l'expérience 3)[Experiential Training and Intelligence in Action, (Building Experience 3)]. Education Permanente Quarterly 198, 35-50.

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